• Battlefield Brothers

    A Painting for Veterans

    By a Veteran

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    Battlefield Brothers

    24x36, Oil on Canvas

  • About the Painting

    15 Years since Operation Iraqi Freedom began and 10 years since I enlisted in the Army Infantry, I finally decided to create my first military based painting. This painting is based on a photo I took in Iraq in 2008 while patrolling a rocky hill area west of Mosul.


    I was gunning on our HMMWV while my platoon was performing dismounted patrols and I noticed they stood out strikingly against the sky. I snapped a quick photo and later my brother photoshopped it to create the dramatic lighting. I didn't think I'd do much with it until now.


    In 2011 I returned to civilian life and pursued a career as an artist, creating landscape paintings for various galleries. As time marches on I often feel nostalgia for my soldiering days. I imagine there's a whole new generation of veterans who might feel that same longing for the comradery they experienced while wearing the uniform.


    Thus I created this painting for veterans to remember their brothers they fought along side.

  • Behind the Painting

    Learn more about the central figure of the painting.

    See the story of Gary Villalobos

    I knew him first as my Platoon Sergeant and later as my First Sergeant. On his 2nd tour in Iraq, Villalobos was awarded the Silver Star, the military's 3rd highest award.